Big update of new Sailor Moon products, incl. an artbook, new “compact earphones” and new doujinshi. 

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Hello Kitty is not a cat, plus more reveals before her L.A. tour


"Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat."

So she lives in a town of animals where human’s wear suits to fit in? Her friend Keroppi has a mouth. Unless she lives in a town of furries where the costumes very.

Imagine answering the door and having to humor Jehovah’s Witness. My dog didn’t like them at all, I think the more specifically the guy talking.

I always disliked my mimi’s method of dealing with Mormons/JW’s that come to the door. She’d answer the door, curse at them and slammed the in their face. I understand why she would do that, now.

I try to be as decent as possible, even thou I’m awkwardly twitchy from sleep deprivation I need to overcome.





yo man y’all takin shit too far


Real talk? I think it’s pretty amazing that comics, movies and games can inspire people to actually make this shit. Like, people often discredit those things as pointless sensations, but seriously, this really impressive.

Can I get these for nepeta cosplay

My sister showed me this. He released this video just for his robotics pals. I am trying to remember the technical details of these. He’s an awesome quirky guy that is(was?) home-schooled, really smart and talented. As you see. 


Costume DesignThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Jean Paul Gaultier


The Captain America Republic Serials were loosely based on the Timely Comics era Captain America. 

They focused on Captain America, secretly District Attorney Grant Gardner, trying to thwart the plans of The Scarab, museum curator Dr. Cyrus Maldor, to steal the *ahem*  "Dynamic Vibrator" and "Electronic Firebolt". Devices that could be used as super-weapons of mass sexual innuendo or something like that.

The serial ran in 15 chapters and was the most expensive serial Republic ever made. It would become the first Marvel Film ever and the last superhero serial of the Golden Age.

[Above, Promotinal shot of Dick Purcell as the title charecter c. 1945]

I like the look. The mascot is adorable too. :)


There are designer grapes that taste just like cotton candy. Source

Mr. Gaiman, have you ever considered a career in erotic fiction?



Not many men do. It’s mostly ladies that that write erotic fantasy dramas.

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